Sleep Disorder Cedar City

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Sleeping disorders in Cedar City

Sleep disorder Cedar City
Sleep disorder Cedar City

If you find that you’re tire all day despite having slept all night, you snore, or you have one of several other key indicators of a sleeping disorder, you should come in to our office here at Corry & Lewis Dental. Get expert attention for the problem from an experienced specialist.

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder Cedar City that results in your breathing either becoming shallow during sleep, or stopping entirely, for several seconds at a time. It can recur up to hundreds of times per night, eventually leading to complications that may include heart problems. Other than being tired throughout the day and snoring, other symptoms that are indicative of a sleep disorder Cedar City are difficulties getting up in the morning, night sweats, morning headaches, dry mouth or sore throat upon waking, a feeling of choking or gasping in the middle of the night that jolts you awake, restless sleep, and sexual dysfunction. You are more likely to get sleep apnea is you are overweight, male, or of African-American, Hispanic, or Pacific-Islander heritage. The older you become, the greater the chances are of developing sleep apnea. The diagnostic process includes a sleep study. Once the results are in, the next step is to identify a device that can be used for treatment so that your airway will remain open and your symptoms will subside. Although CPAP machines are popular, not everyone tolerates them well, and they are large and difficult to transport if you travel frequently. An oral appliance is often a better option for many people. It’s easy to use and portable.

Don’t let your sleep disorder Cedar City continue to cause you problems. Contact our office now and make an appointment to come in. It’s remarkable how much better you’ll feel and the peace of mind you’ll have to know that you have an effective solution waiting for you.

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