Sedation Dentistry

sedationHave you ever been so afraid of going to the dentist that you avoided getting necessary treatment? Have you ever made a dentist appointment and then cancelled or just not shown up? Are you embarrassed about your smile or concerned about your dental health but still can’t face seeing the dentist?

If this is true, you are not alone. There is a possible solution for you that might make your fear of the dentist a thing of the past. The solution? Sedation dentistry.

What is sedation dentistry?

It’s a rather big term for a rather simple procedure. Basically it means that a sedation dentist gives you a sedation dentistry treatment that can help you feel relaxed and comfortable. At Corry Dental, the sedation dentistry method we offer is oral sedation.

Oral sedation means our sedation dentist gives you a pill to use at your next appointment. You take the pill before your next appointment (we will instruct you when) and get a ride to our office. You will also need to arrange a ride home from your visit.

During your visit, you will feel relaxed. There are many benefits to using oral sedation dentistry, including:


  • Less pain — Oftentimes, your fear and anxiety make you so tense that you experience more pain. Many times, when using sedation dentistry treatments, because you are relaxed, you may not feel as much pain.
  • Time efficient — Because sedation dentistry treatments help you relax, many times your sedation dentist can schedule and perform more than one procedure in one visit. This can save your precious time.
  • Less invasive — Oral sedation dentistry treatments are merely taking a pill. Some of the other sedation dentistry treatments — nitrous oxide and IV sedation dentistry are more involved.
  • Awake and aware– The purpose of oral sedation dentistry is not to make you go to sleep. You will be awake and aware during your dental procedure. You may just feel far more relaxed and may not even remember the treatment you receive.

If you have been putting off dental work, call our sedation dentist today! We can get your smile healthy and beautiful, comfortably.