TMJ Disorders

Young Father And Son On Winter VacationHave you ever awakened and your jaw feels tight, tired or sore? Have you noticed that you are clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth? Are your teeth getting worn down because you grind your teeth so much? Do you have a headache that doesn’t seem to go away?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it may be that you are struggling with TMD.

What is TMD?

TMD actually means temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Oftentimes you will hear someone say they have TMJ, but they are really meaning they have trouble with their TMJ. TMJ is the name of the joint: temporomandibular joint. When you have dysfunction of the TMJ it’s called TMD.

What can you do about TMD?

TMD usually comes from stress, and stress seems ever-present these days. However, we offer a solution that can help with the actual teeth grinding, jaw clenching, wearing down your teeth and the headache that can often accompany TMD.

Portrait of beautiful girlWe offer a nightguard that you wear while you sleep. This nightguard is inserted in your mouth — it is similar to the mouthguards athletes wear. This nightguard serves several purposes as you deal with TMD and the headache and other issues with your TMJ. First, it keeps your teeth from touching, so there is no possibility that you will grind your teeth. This keeps your teeth from further damage and also can keep your TMJ from becoming sore and you getting a headache, too.

The custom made nightguard also keeps your TMJ from clenching, which can ease the soreness in your TMJ and the accompanying headache dramatically.

We want you to keep your teeth healthy, but also alleviate the headache and the pain, soreness, aching in your neck, face and shoulders that TMD can cause.

If you suffer from TMD, call today!