Cedar City Emergency Dentist

Dental Trauma in Cedar City

Cedar City Emergency Dentist
Cedar City Emergency Dentist

If your tooth becomes separated from its socket, either partially or completely, you need us at Corry Dental. Our Cedar City emergency dentist will make every effort to save your tooth and restore it to its full functioning status. You will need to act quickly, however. When you suffer dental trauma, the clock is ticking.

A partially separated tooth, one that is still attached, is called dislodged. A completely separated tooth that has been knocked loose 100% is called avulsed. Both are urgent matters, that usually happen when you experience an accident or an injury. Unless you have other bodily injuries that take priority, you should come see our Cedar City emergency dentist rather than go to the ER of a hospital. The majority of ER’s do not have dental equipment nor the dental staff to help you. Call our office and we will guide you step by step. With dislodged teeth, you should make an attempt to gently push the tooth into its socket, but do not force it. With an avulsed tooth, you must keep it moist so that it will remain viable. You can do so by placing it into a container of milk or one with warm water and a pinch of salt. You then should go directly to our office. Dislodged teeth without pulp damage can usually be placed in their socket and then held in with a splint or orthodontic wire so that it can heal. Avulsed teeth, or dislodged ones where the pulp has sustained harm, need root canal. There is no guarantee that the attempt to save the tooth will be successful, but the sooner you arrive, the better the chances are.

Why not keep our number programmed in your phone or phones? Every second saved increases the likelihood of getting the desired outcome.

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